Ray Hendrick Memorial Agricultural Sponsored by Dr. Larry W. Hendrick

Preference given to a graduate from Century High School with a 2.50 or better cumulative GPA; Submit high school transcript; FFA experience preferred; Any major; Must have grown up or worked on a farm; Submit an essay which includes a paragraph on each of the following: (1) Describe all farming activities on any farm during high school (NOTE: provide a recommendation letter from the owner of each farm not owned or managed by your family); (2) Describe all FFA activities you participated in (events, officer, etc.); (3) Would you consider yourself a leader in something and, if so, how do you describe that?; (4) Describe other extracurricular activities you were/are involved in; (5) What are your goals for college and after college?

Ray Hendrick Memorial Agriculture Scholarship
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a brief essay about your life, your need for the scholarship and your long-term educational/career goals.
  2. Describe all farming and/or FFA activities. Would you consider yourself a leader? and if so, please describe.