Willard Murrie

Willard Murrie

Sponsored by the Southernmost Illinois Delta Empowerment Zone (SIDEZ)
Offering 3 Scholarship Opportunities at $500 each


Thank you members of the Willard Murrie Scholarship Foundation for choosing me as a recipient of your scholarship. With your help, I will be able to continue my education at Shawnee Community College. I appreciate your kindness and generosity to the student body. Thank you again for allowing me to further my education and further my career.
Sincerely, Drake Roach
Academic Year 2021-22

Dear SIDEZ, and the Willard Murrie Scholarship,
Thank you for choosing me to be the recipient of the Willard Murrie Scholarship. I am greatly appreciative to be receiving the $500.00 award and it will be put to much needed use. This scholarship is going to greatly benefit my journey to reach my career goals. This scholarship is going to help my freshman year come with ease and I am looking forward to a great fall semester.
Sincerely, Autumn Jeffords
Academic Year 2021-2022

Dear SIDEZ Board of Directors,
I sincerely thank you for awarding me the Willard Murrie Scholarship. I plan on using this award to aid me in my completion of the nursing program at Shawnee Community College. I’ve just been accepted into the program, and I’m excited to take on the challenge! My goal is to continue on to SIUC to earn my BSN. Your support means a lot to me, as I feel truly recognized and appreciated for my efforts. It only encourages to me continue to work hard and give that 110%.
Thanks again, Debra Baker
Academic Year 2021-2022