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Welcome to the Shawnee Community College online scholarship application page.

Step One – Click on Sign Up at the top right of this screen.
We highly recommend that you use your personal email and not your current High School email address as those will be deactivated upon your graduation.

When creating the password, avoid using any part of your email address (and follow all the requirements below).

  1. 12 characters or more
  2. At least 1 character must be a number
  3. At least 1 character must be a lowercase letter
  4. At least 1 character must be an uppercase letter
  5. At least 1 character must be one of these special characters? ! @ $ % ^ &-
  6. Must not contain your user name or common words or phrases or a straight run on the keyboard (ex: asdfg or jkl;)

Step Two:
After email and password is set up, you should receive a confirmation email. You will need to confirm your request. Click on Sign In at the top right of the screen to access your account and begin your application process.

All scholarship applicants must complete the 2024-2025 FAFSA. The website is: FAFSA Application.

If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (618) 634-3200, Option 1, Option 2, or by email to

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